My name is Sergio and as I mentioned before I am from Málaga, in the south of Spain but right now I am living in Riga, Latvia; where I have been teaching Spanish since 2014.


I don't like to hide that I had never planned to be a teacher. I graduated in Business Administration but after some time working in an office I understood it wasn't for me. And then my first opportunity to teach Spanish arrived in a language centre in Riga.


In 2015 I moved to Hamburg where I started a small project to teach Spanish and Spanish for business called Hola Hamburg. After some months away, my previous students from Riga proposed me to keep teaching them on Skype, and bit a bit I started to get new students in that way.

In 2016 I taught more than 500 lessons online throught different platforms and finally I have decided to start my own project.


Despite I really like teaching online, I feel that I am lucky to be able to keep working in the language center and university to get the perfect mix of these two pieces of teaching experience.  


My biggest concern is the education and training. Everytime I can I go to workshops and congresses to learn about new techniques and teaching methods, and also as a speaker for Spanish teachers to show my experience teaching online.